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About us:

Hoomaan Chimie Pars Ltd (HCPL) executed prolonged and extensive laboratory and pilot scale research in collaboration with local and European experts, and successfully acquired affirmative results in the field of chemical’s production in four main categories:

  • High-Tech. nanotechnology.
  • Environment friendly detergent-free cleaners in both domestic and industrial application.
  • Advanced technology of internal combustion engine coolants OAT (organic acid technology) for use in light and semi-heavy vehicles and HOAT (hybrid OAT) for use in heavy vehicles e.g. construction machineries, mine dump trucks, road trucks, etc.
  • Major engine coolants inhibitors to protect different parts and materials of the engine cooling circuit.

HCPL has been established and registered in 2015 in order to achieve company’s goals to produce high tech. chemicals on industrial scale. 

Hoomaan Chimie Pars Co. with close cooperation with Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council, to fulfill the requirement of domestic market, has recently started its mass production in the field of chemicals using nanotechnology.

It is worth mentioning that, HCPL is the pioneer company in  production of detergent-free cleaners in the country, such material are known as eco-friendly cleaners that our company has been able to produce in large quantities. Based on scattered news articles The European Union is considering to ban the use of conventional detergents in all cleaners as from 2020.

Last but not least, in terms of producing engine coolants, our primary objective is to locally produce main constituents of inhibitors. In this path, mass production of OAT and HOAT engine coolants has been commenced and introduced to the market.








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