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NANO TECH.( Manida 1-2-3 )

Hydrophobic Nano Spray HPI (2)

Manida HPI(2)is one of the products produced by Hoomaan Chimie Pars Company meticulously formulated to provide hydrophobic characteristic to non-absorbent surfaces such as glass, tiles and ceramics etc... , this especial formulation is produced using nano-micro-emulsion.

Manida-HPI(2) forms an invisible layer of approximately 10 Nano meter in thickness on the surface, hence reducing adhesion of dirt, dust etc. on the surface. This layer causes water droplets to roll down on the surface and at the same time removes the dirt, cleaning the surface.

Manida – HPI (2) can be used for wall tiles, ceramics as well as glass surfaces of cars, home windows, hospitals, building blocks, hotels, mega stores and shops. Using this product reduces water consumption since number of cleaning times are reduced.

Usage: First thoroughly clean the surface with Manida- HPM (1) primer which is packed with main product, make sure that the surface is dry, then spray Manida-HPI (2) on the surface from a distance 10 – 20 centimeter and spread evenly in a circular motion using a special non-absorbent microfiber cloth provided. The surface may seems oblique at first, after 10 minutes polish the surface using tissue or soft dry cloth. Now the applied surface is hydrophobic. )Each 10-15 cc will cover around one square meter). For testing, pour some water on the surface, you will notice that the water roll down the surface. To achieve the maximum sustainability and effectiveness, try the mentioned operation away from direct sunlight. It is also recommended that after operation let several hours pass before use.

As long as the coated surface does not scratch, the hydrophobic cover will remain for approximately 2 years.  For car’s windshield and windows the content of this package should be sufficient for 3 – 5 cars or 2 years for one car re-coating on a six months intervals. For car’s windshield screen  due to possibility of the pebbles hits, it is advised to use  Manida HWN windshield nano cleaner fluid in the windshield  washer tank. It will eliminate the pebbles marks from the windshield by applying a new nano coat.

Caution :

1- Never use this spray on the floors since it is slippery and can cause injury.

2- This fluid is extremely flammable and special precautions must be observed.




Hydrophilic Anti- fog  Manida HAF (3)

Manida HAF (3) hydrophilic spray can be used for interior glass surfaces such as cars, glass, mirrors, shops and mega stores, bike helmets etc. Spray sufficient amount on the surface and after a few minutes gently polish the surface with a soft cloth or tissue. Sustainability of anti-fog property of this fluid is for 2 – 3 weeks on each coating application. Each 15 – 20 cc of this product will cover approximately one square meter.


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